We can only go by our own experiences a few years ago. I was looking for patio furniture here in David after not finding many options. I decided to go with a well-built local teak product, but with any natural material it requires maintenance and maintenance, so it is not a good option for outdoor.

My next step was to go with metal and synthetic rattan after buying what appeared to be good quality and brand after a few years the power layer broke down and oxidized on the table and chairs and one of the legs on the rattan furniture was oxidized and broke out of the unprotected steel frame.

Then, after spending thousands of dollars on garden furniture that I had to replace after a few years, I went hunting for a good quality product and I think I found it, so now we are importing synthetic rattan aluminum furniture from China and we have opened a store in David.

We are located in Plaza Suiza on the Interamerican highway just after the education ministry in front of the Terpel gas station. We open from Monday to Friday on Saturday.

If you are in the patio furniture market, please visit us and if you are just looking for it, we hope to see you soon.


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Rattan chair

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Planter, Sun Lounger, Parasol & Pavilion

Swiss Plaza, David